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データドリブンマーケティングの記事としてイタリアのFASHION RESEARCH ITALYに掲載されました。


Data driven marketing: discovering behavioural data with Fanplayr

16th November 2020 - Putting under the magnifying glass user's behavior on ecommerce website is essential to improve the sales of a brand in the ecommerce world, especially in the fashion industry. Information acquired from the analysis of the online customer journey are in fact a strategic resource that allows websites to give an experience in line with the expectations of a potential customer. To better understand how to intercept and enhance this data, we interviewed Enrico Quaroni, VP Global Sales of Fanplayr, in the classrooms of Fondazione FRI, during the third edition of the Fashion E-Commerce Management course.



Quaroni, tell us about Fanplayr?

Our company is specialized in real time segmentation tools, i.e. we are in charge of intercepting and enhancing those data that are difficult to see because they are linked to the behavioral activities performed by online users. They are valuable, but “invisible,” indicators of intent, measurable only through technological tools such as machines, algorithms and software able to read combinations of information based on statistical calculations and mathematical analysis.



Your motto, in fact, is “make the invisible visible.” How do you do this?

First, we have developed a tool that can collect these signals - called behavioral data - and then another one that makes them operable. We're going to dig specifically there because we know there is “a special metal to extract.”



So, what does it mean “behavioral data?”

They are nothing more than a subset of the most famous Big Data. They are a bundle of information referring to the way a user is acting on a platform and they last for the time of the visit. In order to extract behavioral data, we analyze the time that a user is spending on the website and we evaluated what he does during his stay. In this way, we try to understand which are his real needs and desires in order to offer him a personalized shopping experience with the aim of making him perform a precise action, in the case of ecommerce, a subscription or a purchase.



In your experience in different areas, what are the different needs of the fashion and luxury industry?

To guarantee a premium experience, both online and offline, is a peculiar need in this sector, among other things one of the fastest growing. Since the customer spends a certain amount of money on a luxury product, he wants to feel cuddled. So, for example, you will not offer a discount or joining a loyalty program, but you will rather think about services such as customization of products to make them taylor made.



So how are you able to make the shopping experience unique?

Brand usually spend a lot of money in terms of communication and marketing to get someone into their online store, but rarely actions are undertaken to make sure that this visit is valued to the maximum. As if a brand convinces someone to enter in a boutique and then the sales clerk doesn’t receive the costumer and doesn’t try to understand what he wants, but at the same time they hope he will proceed with a purchase. Ours is a kind of concierge service on site with which we are able to recognize the behavioral characteristics of those who are visiting the website. We are able to make the customer journey unique because we analyze those little considered data, the behavioral data, which are many, very difficult to recover and above all very fast.



An advice for those who want to improve their online sales?

The pandemic has changed consumer behavior: more and more segments of the population have started to buy online. People who did not do so before and who approached it during the lockdown, recording a crazy acceleration compared to the already significant peak in eCommerce – in the fashion compartment and not only - in recent years. There is more trust, payment systems are safer and more reliable and the system has been enriched with enhanced delivery tools.

Now, it's time to boost the widely spoken big data, but in the reality of facts few actually know how to deal with them. It's not enough to spend millions to install data management software, skills are necessary to interpret and use the data that are a real gold mine for online sales.



What are the opportunities and challenges of data driven marketing according to Fanplayr?

If there is a willingness to innovate, data driven marketing can open up new markets and forge closer and longer lasting relationships with customers. To do so, brand needs to start talking to their online users to increasingly free themselves from more expensive communication channels such as paid search or digital displays. Once this effort is made, the maximum from that visit should be taken, raising engagement and conversion rates. And this can only be done if you are equipped with appropriate technology and skills, doing it manually is no longer enough.




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by Giorgia Olivieri






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